Standard Resume Service

For the entry-level to experienced professional

  • Keyword-optimized resume

  • Designed to get past Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Designed to get noticed by the recruiter

  • Focused on results and achievements - not job responsibilities

  • Includes customizable cover letter


Executive Resume Service

For the executive seeking a new opportunity or job seeker seeking first executive/leadership role

  • Keyword-optimized resume

  • Designed to get past Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Designed to get noticed by the recruiter

  • Highlights personal brand

  • Showcases leadership capabilities/successes

  • Clearly demonstrates ability to make an impact across organization

  • Focused on results and achievements - not just job responsibilities

  • Includes customizable cover letter


Emergency Resume Service

When you absolutely need a quality resume - fast!​ 

  • 24-48 hour turnaround

  • Keyword-optimized resume

  • Designed to get past Applicant Tracking Systems

  • Designed to get noticed by the recruiter

  • Focused on results and achievements - not job responsibilities

  • Includes customizable cover letter



Standard Resume Service

For the entry-level to experienced professional

Executive Resume Service

For the executive seeking a new opportunity or job seeker seeking first executive/leadership role

Emergency Resume Service

When you absolutely need a quality resume - fast! 24-48 hour turnaround

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a Resume Writer: How Does It Work?

Hiring a resume writer: How it works (blog article)

Looking to hire a resume writer?

Below are some answers to some common questions I get about my resume writing services, what sets me apart, and how the process works.

If something is missing or you have additional questions, please email me and I'd be happy to provide more information.

Why hire Matt Krumrie/Resumes By Matt Resume Writing Services

There are a lot of resume writers out there. And there are a lot of good resume writers out there. But I take pride in being one of the few - if not only - resume writer who has written over 2,000 career articles for some of the top career sites on the Internet.

I've written about resumes, the job search, interviewing, cover letters, and applicant tracking systems, and more, for the Star Tribune, Flex Jobs, Zip Recruiter, Monster, College Recruiter, Jobscan, and more.

I’ve also served as a ghost writer for staffing firms – they hire me to write career content for their web site.

Why does this matter?

When writing this content, I reach out to employers, recruiters, hiring managers, business owners - those who are doing the actual hiring. They are my sources, and provide the comments, details and information for my articles.

Through this writing, I have developed relationships with recruiters/HR professionals, business owners who also read resumes every day. I write resumes that include the latest trends and style that stands out to these recruiters. I know what they look for when reading/reviewing resumes because they provide me this information in the articles I write. I also have several of these professionals who I can quickly send an email to if I do have a resume, job search, or career question for a client.

So everything I incorporate into my resumes is based on information provided from recruiters who read resumes and hire for a living. It also helps me stay current and on top of trends.

What's more, my resumes are built to not only impress the hiring manager/recruiter, they are also developed to help you get past the applicant tracking system and your resume into the hands of a recruiter/hiring manager. I know adding keywords helps make a resume standout. But I also know a keyword is meaningless without a proof of success or achievement to back it up. I can help your resume include the right keywords backed by success stories that prove you are the right person for the job!

Trusted by recruiters

The majority of my clients are referrals. And I take pride in knowing past clients refer me to their friends, colleagues or professional contacts.

When I say I am the resume writer recruiters recommended, that is truly the case. I have several recruiters who send clients to me. Many job seekers reach out to recruiters, or staffing/recruiting firms, and expect the recruiter to write or help with their resume. Recruiter don't have time for that and don't do that. But I do, and I have both local and national recruiters who refer clients to me.


They have read the resumes I build and they trust I will create a resume that gets the job seeker results. Many recruiters want to submit a candidate to their client, but the recruiter wouldn't feel comfortable submitting the job seeker's existing resume to a client. So they send the job seeker to me, and I rewrite their resume, they send it back to the recruiter, and that recruiter can then submit to employers if there is a fit. They trust my resumes. They trust I will do the best I can for the job seeker, and know I will do everything I can to help them achieve their goals.

Keyword-focused resumes built for the NEXT step

A lot of resume writers create what looks like career biographies. It focuses on their career history and strengths. They feature wordy paragraphs without results. Avoid those resumes or resume services.

I build resumes focused on the NEXT step.

In a way, a resume is your career biography - it shares your story and what you have done.

BUT...a resume should be viewed as a marketing tool that quickly sells you as the right fit for the NEXT job. So I always ask "what's next for you?" Because every resume takes one's past successes, achievements, experiences, and focuses it on what you want to do NEXT.

I don't just list keywords - I include keywords backed by proof of accomplishment. Any resume writer can include a bulleted list at the top of a resume and call it an Areas of Expertise section, or Core Competencies - those are dated styles and show employers nothing. I sprinkle keywords throughout, backing them with proof of accomplishment so we show, don't tell the next employer.

Hiring a resume writer: How it all works

Once a client indicates they would like to sign up, I ask that they submit payment via PayPal (a PayPal account is not needed and credit cards are accepted) to get the process started. I can send an invoice or a client can pay via my web site.

Once that payment is submitted I send clients a resume revision document to complete. This is a simple word document with 10 questions that helps gather detailed information about your work experience, history, skills, achievements, successes, technical skills, education, professional involvement, continuing education, volunteer experience, or any additional information. I also ask you to include some links to jobs you'd like to apply for in that revision document so I can incorporate those keywords employers want in your NEXT role.

In addition, I send sample resumes - this can help visually identify what a finished resume can look like, and an article of how I come up with results, successes and achievements. This article helps showcase how I come up with numbers, data, and “proof” of success for any job seeker – not just those in sales (where numbers are often tracked more regularly).

These are both supplemental documents that help with the important information gathering step.

Hiring a Resume Writer: The Process and Cost

The cost is $299 for a general resume and cover letter and $450 for an executive resume and cover letter. Every resume package includes a cover letter. This is a one-time fee. We work back and forth as much as needed to get the information to write a resume that sells you for the next role. No limits to communication, changes, or questions (I'll even answer any job search questions if you have them, and/or work to connect you with recruiters in my network if it's a fit). There's no surprise fees, or charge by the hour or change. One upfront fee, paid in advance to get started.

We can talk as needed, but documenting information via the resume revision document allows the client to think through their successes, document it on their own time, and send to me when time allows. This generally takes no longer than 30 minutes, often less if one has an existing resume or documented information.

Once the revision document is sent, I read and review it and ask additional follow-up questions to help gather more information as needed. Once I have the information needed, I start working on writing the resume.

We work back and forth via email to get any additional information or questions answered as needed. It becomes clunky talking on the phone documenting work history, skills, experience. We don't meet in person because that is also clunky and turns into a career coaching session. Resumes are detail-oriented documents, let's focus on the details that will help you get an interview!

So if you can complete the resume revision document, we are in business!

In the revision document, I don't need you to write the information like it is on a resume - that's what I am for. I just ask that you answer the questions the best you can and provide information. I don't even expect you to have the answers to every question - and when I get the resume revision document back, I can then send follow-up/additional questions as needed to help us get any more information needed.

We work back and forth as much as needed, to get the resume ready to work for you. We make changes, edits, answer questions, and so on, until the resume is complete and ready to sell you as the right person for the next job.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Once you return the completed revision document, it's typically a turnaround of 4-5 business days to get you the draft. When I say draft it is often close to complete, but needs a review and any changes/edits as needed. That being said, building a resume is like a construction project. Sometimes a project takes more time, pending on existing projects, or the need to gather more information. I am always upfront about timing when the process is started. I keep in regular contact about timing.

There is no deadline for you - the client - to complete the information I send. I know life happens. We are all busy. We have work, family, a social life, and sometimes it's hard to find a few minutes to complete the revision document. But taking a few minutes to provide the information, when you have the time, can help us get the information documented and get the process started.

If you need a resume completed within 24-48 hours, I do have an emergency resume writing service that offers a one or two day turnaround guaranteed for $600.

If you have a specific job you are applying for or need something "rushed" please communicate that in advance.

If you have more questions, please email me and if you would like to discuss via phone please call at 651-238-1290.

Other tips:

1. When making initial contact, please include a LinkedIn profile if you have it, a little bit of information about what you do now, and what you want to do next.

2. If you have an existing resume, please send that once you complete the resume revision document.

3. If you have questions not answered here, please ask!

I look forward to connecting with job seekers, learning more about your goals, and helping you create a resume that gets noticed, gets interviews, and helps you on your journey to a new job or career!


"Matt Krumrie is the only recommendation I make. I have seen his work. It is remarkable and gets results."

"Matt is a writer with a flair for organizing information and conveying your message."

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