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12 uncomfortable truths about your career

It's not your boss's fault. It's not your company's fault.

Are you stuck in a job you don't like? A career with no passion? Did you get passed over for a promotion, a poor review, or demoralizing raise?

Are you blaming others? Did you work long hours without recognition? Or, did you have a boss who didn't train or motivate you?

You're not alone. But...

You're also looking at it the wrong way, says Tim Denning, an Australian blogger, leader, sales professional, and entrepreneur.

In fact, the people we lie to most in our careers says ourselves.

He explained in greater detail in this LinkedIn Post:

If you are at a crossroads in your career, stuck in a rut, or need a change, it's up to you to facilitate that change.

How can you do that? Start by downloading Denning's free ebook:

Related Resources: Download Tim Denning's free ebook: Burned out to fired up - 22 simple things that will transform your life in 30 days.

And finally, if you want more out of life and/or your career consider searching for a new, more rewarding job hire Matt Krumrie to write your resume and get started on the path to a new job or career that satisfies you professionally and personally.

And be sure to follow Denning, and download his ebook for more great resources that can help personally, and professionally!

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