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5 employment trends impacting the job market in 2023

Workplace flexibility, employee autonomy and continued rise of the gig economy show promise while employer bullying and surveillance loom as concerns

As we head into 2023 several employment trends have emerged that are already impacting countless employees and job seekers.

Here are 5 specific developments that Allison & Taylor Reference and Background Checking anticipates for 2023:

  1. Given a projected tight labor market, employees are in a strong position vis a vis their compensation, benefits, and workplace accommodations. Those seeking new employment – particularly those with technical skills – are in high demand and likely to remain so for the near term. Increased opportunities for college graduates in 2023 are projected as well.

  2. While many employers are fostering a “return-to-the-office” mandate, hybrid and remote work are highly valued by countless employees which will ensure their continued presence in the marketplace. Also likely: the expanded presence of the four-day workweek, benefitting employers and employees alike with lower burnout, reduced absenteeism, and increased sales.

  3. The modern workforce will continue to trend towards freelancing. The growth of freelancing in recent years has easily exceeded that of the traditional workforce, with approximately half of all working millennials working in some freelance capacity. Despite the current efforts of some states – notably California – to regulate the “gig” economy, it is estimated that a majority of the U.S. workforce will freelance by 2027.

  4. Employers are increasing their levels of employee surveillance. The number of employers who are monitoring their employees’ activities is growing, a function of ever-increasing numbers of employees working remotely or hybrid (and using their computers for both professional and personal use), a concern with employees leaking sensitive company information, and decreasing corporate costs in monitoring technology. Employers are also watching their workers to avoid sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits, in large part due to recent high-profile cases that resulted in the termination of well-known corporate executives.

  5. Workplace Abuse Will Continue As An Ongoing Fact of Life. Previous surveys by the Workplace Bullying Institute ( identified approximately 27% of responders as having current or past direct experience with abusive conduct at work, with bosses constituted the majority of bullies.

While the degree to which this might be mitigated as the result of remote/hybrid employment has yet to be determined, countless employers offer negative reference commentary regarding their former employees, adversely affecting their future employment prospects.

Fortunately, third party reference checks conducted with former employers can often reveal information that can be utilized for remedial action, such as Cease & Desist letters, or more aggressive legal action.

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