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How Remote Learning Can Help You Snag a Job

Many recent college graduates face the reality that job opportunities are scarce due to the ongoing pandemic. An estimated 6 million individuals who graduated in 2020 have not found employment due to the influx of unemployed and underemployed adults. However, the skills the students acquired through college will make them valuable for future jobs.

In a study by FutureLearn, hiring managers stated that college students who have taken classes online have a wealth of knowledge essential for the current workforce. Below is a list of skills that college students have acquired from learning online that sets them apart from the traditional learner. Let’s break down the three top traits and their benefits.

Ability to work independently

This trait is highly regarded by hiring managers because remote working is working alone. Hiring managers desire to employ an individual that can manage multiple projects with no assistance. Independent working can be a deal-breaker for some people because of the added responsibility of multitasking and difficulty of having flexibility without feeling overwhelmed.

Ability to use technology and online platforms

As remote workers and learners, we think that having the ability to use technology is commonplace. However, the use and expertise of using technology is still a sought-after skill that many hiring managers look for in applicants and employees. Having the trait of easily learning new software and navigating new websites is important, especially when many work lives are dependent on technology and the internet.

Ability to stay on task

The ability to stay on task is an essential aspect of any career. Many jobs are now remote. Supervisors and hiring managers want to hire an employee they can trust to complete assignments correctly and on deadline. Much like working independently, staying on task requires the employee to know how to manage and schedule their workload without being micromanaged or constantly reminded about their assignments.

Due to the pandemic, all college students who were forced to transition from in-person learning to remote learning likely have these aforementioned critical skills. Of course, many people look at online learning as just a necessary everyday task. These hard and soft skills paired with a college education are sought after by 44% of hiring managers who state that these skills set applicants apart. Therefore, if hiring managers are looking for applicants with your skills, apply! Don’t question or doubt your ability just because you’ve taken classes online.

Listen recent grads: Don’t overlook the skills you used every day in class. These same skills can help you get a job.

Since the pandemic, receiving an online education has become desirable by hiring managers, increasing an applicant’s chances of being hired for a position. In fact, online education has gained popularity so much so that 75% of hiring managers are willing to employ online education applicants.

With online education receiving high regard among hiring managers, graduates should make sure that their resumes highlight their online education skills. As you wait and search for your next opportunity to come, use this period of unemployment to strengthen your resume and capitalize on how to stand out among other applicants. By updating your resume to reflect your online education, you increase your chances of receiving an interview and possibly landing your first post-college job.

Overall, yes, graduates, this pandemic has caused a lot of heartache and stress for you. However, don’t look at the period of unemployment as a punishment, but rather an opportunity to prepare for your next chapter in life. With most of the workforce now working independently at home, hiring managers are looking for future employees like you. Make sure to market and sell yourself as an expert in your field because there is a desire to hire people with online education. This could lead to a life-changing opportunity for some individuals; make sure that it is you. Graduates, use your education and skills as a unique benefit to positively jump-start your life and career.

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About Future Learn:

The talented team at FutureLearn provided this article, infographics, and data. FutureLearn offers high-quality online education and reports for individuals looking to advance their educational careers while having fun.

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