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Top Interview Questions 2021: From Most Common to Most Unusual

There are a million and one guides on how to answer interview questions but not so much on which questions are most likely to be asked. So the team at Zety asked 500+ HR professionals and 1000+ American workers some questions to get a 360-degree review of the 2021 interview experience.

This study lists:

  • TOP 10 most common questions asked by interviewers

  • TOP 10 questions interviewers expect candidates to ask

  • “If you were a god what would you do?” — a list of the most OFF-BEAT interview questions asked by recruiters

  • “Do you have a problem with vampires?” — most unusual questions asked by job candidates in an interview

  • TOP stories of the worst interview experiences

These results are highlighted in the article: Top interview questions 2021: From most common to most unusual and in the select infographics below.


This article, infographics, and data was provided by the team at Zety (shout out to their outstanding team of data scientists!), a resume builder and a career blog fueled by some of the best career experts and a community of 40 million readers a year. Zety publishes high-quality guides and articles for job seekers with Zety's experts featured in Business Insider, The Guardian, and Forbes.

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